Yoga as My New Challenge

Hello. I’m Hana(@hana8787hanae).

I start to write blogs in English.

First topic is Yoga as My New Challenge.

I do yoga every morning and night ,and keep this habit for a year. I realized some evident physical changes .

First benefit of yoga is an abatement of chronic pain. I had a stiff shoulder and it continued over a year. However, doing yoga every day, this symptom disappeared. I was very glad at that time. After that, I sometimes have the same condition, but I can relieve the pain by myself.

Next benefit is that I can relax and reduce stress easily. When we get annoyed and angry, our respiratory rates increase. However, I can stay calm recently because I do yoga and practice a method of breathing routinely. My deep breath makes me relax and calm.

In addition, my body flexibility improved because of yoga.Before I started yoga, my body was very stiff and I worried about some problems such as poor circulation of blood, coldness of my hands and legs ,menstrual pains and so on. Since then I can move flexibly and my body gets warm. Finally my dysmenorrhea is gone.I don’t even have to take painkillers anymore.

There are many good points through yoga.Doing yoga 5 to 15 minutes every day, we can have a healthy body.Why don’t you challenge doing yoga as a new habit?

What’s important about managing a workplace


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複業フリーランスの元看護師。世界をハーモナイズすべく、オンラインのセールスやコミュニティーマネージャーなどの仕事を通して人と人との化学反応を生んでいる。得意なことは戦略的コミュニケーション&スキルのかけ算。 看護師を27歳で辞め、2015年から2年間は海外生活(オーストラリア、フィリピン、フィジー)を楽しむ。現在フリーランス7年目。趣味は音楽、旅です!




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複業フリーランスの元看護師。世界をハーモナイズすべく、オンラインのセールスやコミュニティーマネージャーなどの仕事を通して人と人との化学反応を生んでいる。得意なことは戦略的コミュニケーション&スキルのかけ算。 看護師を27歳で辞め、2015年から2年間は海外生活(オーストラリア、フィリピン、フィジー)を楽しむ。現在フリーランス7年目。趣味は音楽、旅です!